Are you starting your day with brain food?  Breakfast should power your brain and your body. Start your day with food that truly nourishes.   






What's inside the recipe book?

  • Over 100 pages filled with pure, simple and absolutely delicious recipes.  
  • Family friendly and kid tested meals.
  • How to find GOOD, CLEAN, FOOD for your family.
  • The dirty dozen - worst food choices for growing children.
  • The clean fifteen - best food choices for growing children. 
  • ​Leslie's top picks for healthy fats, sweeteners and superfoods.
  • Upgrade your Holidays and Birthday celebrations with ease and grace.
  • Tips for eating out, traveling and taking road trips.
  • Beautiful, mouth watering food photography.

Leslie Smoot - Clean Food Coach

I believe in a no-nonsense dinner that is simple to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious!  

Follow my motto:  Keep it PURE and SIMPLE.

How can I serve veggies for lunch?  Let me count the ways.  

From simple play date lunch to a book-club worthy salad - I've got you covered.

The mid-day snack can be your best friend or your biggest nightmare.  Prepare great snacks so you can GRAB and KEEP GOING.

Clean Food Mom



Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of health. - Leslie  

I am a foodie at heart.  It gives me great joy when I am in the kitchen creating a delicious meal for my loved ones.  I am excited to announce the debut of my first recipe book.  It seemed fitting that the first book should document the things I learned when I started down this path of eating good clean food.  In this book I share with you the tips and tricks I learned along the way to keep mealtime simple, delicious and nourishing.  

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Green Smoothies aren't a diet fad, they are here to stay because it is the most effective way to drink your vitamins.  Start the day with energy, clear thinking and beautify your skin all in one beautiful delicious drink. 

Eat fresh, seasonal, REAL foods - it makes a difference!  - Leslie

It's time to look at the food on our fork to see where the health of our body really begins. -Leslie

The more you eat clean, fresh foods the more you will crave clean fresh foods.  The opposite is also true, the more you eat refined, processed foods, the more you will crave refined, processed foods. -  Leslie

When you eat real food - you feel real good.  It is just that simple.  So, how do you want to feel? -  Leslie

Letting go of the foods that harm you is just as important as embracing the foods that will heal you.  -  Leslie

Nothing tastes as good as a HEALTHY BODY feels - Leslie

 It's true, good clean food can cost more than processed food - but YOU are worth it!  If you need to save money, buy less expensive clothing, DON'T buy low quality food. -  Leslie

Dinner is an opportunity to celebrate being a family, or being in love, or having a friendship, or nourishing your body. What are you celebrating? -  Leslie

When I take care of my body - my body takes care of me. -  Leslie

Take a three week vacation from the Standard American Diet and see how good you feel. -  Leslie

How to feed your family 



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Leslie Smoot is Utah's -  Clean Food Coach 

"I attended your recent class on  "Eating to Loose Weight".  I am currently doing your 28-day challenge and with just a few changes in my habits, I am loosing 2-4 pounds a week!  Thank you so much!"  -L.G.

"My 12 year old daughter attended your cooking class and now she LOVES making dinner for our family.  Thanks to you she is confident making meals by herself and the bacon wrapped chicken dinner is one of our family favorites!"  - K.T.

"Leslie - I love it when you come to our office and teach us about nutrition. We always learn so much and it motivates me to upgrade my food! "  - E.J.

"I've been following a  anti-inflammatory diet to improve my health and was delighted to find that so many of your recipes are naturally gluten-free".  -M.M.

Learn from Leslie

What food are you eating every day that is interfering with your brain function?

Learn about the best foods for your brain health.

I believe in

 Real food, clean food, whole foods, all natural, fresh picked, mother nature's best - you get the idea.  Spare me the junk food, fried food, fake food, artificially colored food, chemical laden food and anything concocted in a science lab and then served on a dinner plate.  No thanks.  We all deserve better than that and our kids do too.       -  Leslie